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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

~~Take a break~~

A friend of mine did asked me "Are you full time doing the diaper cakes"..hahhaa...Am i looked like i'm doing it full time?? of coz la my reply NO!!! still makan gaji la kawan..still kumpul experience in the corporate world..penuh kan ilmu di this is only my part time..isi masa bout the free time..let me share with one of my unforgettable moments..

Train live in KL??seriously???YES THEY ARE COMING TO KL!!! They were here for the first time ever in Malaysia (if i not mistaken la)..Get to know that one of the sponsor is Tune Talk..apa lagi..sepantas kilat ler BBM kawan2 seangkatan yg ader kat Tune Talk tu..and ...yes rezeki la..Got the tix for the concert..and we are lucky to have the VIP tix...

Can see the crowd??They are really crazy!! hahhaha

 The stage before the concert started...

Guess who is this?? Let me introduce..This is Jack..who the hell is Jack??hahhhaa..well this is Jason's son..Who's Jason? Aiyoo...Jason Lo..the CEO of Tune Talk..nak snap gamba ayah segan..(eventhough he just next to me)..anak pun jadi la..anyway dia bawak the whole family to the concert..together with 2 maids..kata luck la since we were at the Tune Talk VIP Zone.. millions thanks to YOU my fren..for the tix..well you know who you are..

It"s already started..well here are some of the pic to share with you...Enjoy!! :)

~~Courtesy by MyCuteMunchkin~~


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