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Thursday, 30 August 2012

~~MyCuteMunchkin featured in Nur Magazine~~

This is one of the best moments in my life..less than 6 months 'baking' my diaper cake, someone called me to have a photoshoot session to be published in one column in one of Karangkraft's mag. Alhamdulillah..

The photoshoot was done somewhere in July. There will be 2 issues, one will be for Sept issue - step by step and another one is interviewed session with... ME.. (Oct's issue..Insya Allah). As baby la peneman yang paling dia la yg diangkut ke Karangkraft on the day itself..sempat lagi bergamba..hehehe..

So..this is the Sept issue - step by step..When the first time i told my fren about the photoshoot, she did asked me "tak takut ker nanti rahsia buat diaper cake ni orang tau?" my answer is simple .."rezeki kita ader kat mana2 aja..even kalau orang nak tiru ker nak apa ker itu hak memasing..lau dah ditentukan tu rezeki kita..tak ke mana..even i blaja buat diaper cake nih pun thru sesapa pun boleh buat.." jadi...tak perlu la risau...kan....

Last but not least...will update you guys on the other issue of Nur Mag...yippiii..Insya Allah... :)



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