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Tuesday, 2 April 2013


As i received so many queries on the we go....i'll quote you on the price.

1.) Mini diaper cake - RM45
    The ingredients:

  • 10 Diapers
  • 1 Romper
  • 1 Bib
  • 1 Mitten & Bootie
  • 2 Wrist rattles

Mini Diaper Cake

2) Munchkin Hokaido Cake RM45
    The ingredients:

  • 2 Rompers
  • 1 Bib
  • 2 Washcloth
  • 1 Socks
  • 1 Wrist Rattles

Munchkin Hokaido Cake

3)  Single Tier Diaper Cake - RM75
     The ingredients:
  • 17 Diapers
  • 1 Rompers
  • 1 Bib
  • 1 Socks
  • 1 Wrist Rattle
  • 2 Washcloth

Single Tier Diaper Cake

The price for mini diaper cake, munchkin hokaido cake and single tier cake may varies depending on the ingredients. If you buy 2 or more..not to worry..the price will be at the discounted price. Welcome bulk order.

For other types of cake, ie two tier cake or three tier, the price will be from RM130 and above. Not to worry..just tell me you budget and i'll bake one for you to suit your budget. No regrets i tell youuuuu....hehehehe

Two Tier Diaper Cake

Ok...till we meet again...hope this will help you.... :)

~~Baked by MyCuteMunchkin~~


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